I started playing guitar at age 13, and never could totally give it up. Ten years later, I studied Fingerstyle Guitar under Bob Driver, who introduced me to a variety of musical styles I’d never heard before. In the 1990s, I studied under Duck Baker, and met Carla Ulbrich, (National Guitar Workshops) both of whom helped me rededicate myself to playing, and eventually teaching, Guitar.

At the National Guitar Workshops, I also took workshops from accomplished Fingerstyle Guitar players and teachers such as John Knowles, Alex deGrassi, Seth Austen, Lawrence Juber, and others. In the late 1990s, at the suggestion of my Guitar Instructor Mark Albert, I took up the Banjo, and from there, branched out to other instruments, such as Mandolin, Irish Bouzouki, Ukulele, Theremin, and Didgeridoo.

In the fall of 2002, I began teaching classes in Guitar, Banjo, and Bass Guitar through Fairfax County Parks and Recreation. In July 2004, I was hired by Foxes’ Music as an Instructor of Guitar, Banjo, Ukulele, and Mandolin, along with other instruments.

I’m currently offering lessons in, Guitar, (Fingerstyle, Flatpicking, Blues, etc) Banjo,(Bluegrass, Celtic, and Classical), Ukulele, Mandolin (Bluegrass, Celtic,  and Classical), Lap Dulcimer, Lap Steel Guitar, and Dobro (Round Neck and Square Neck).

I teach on Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday, and can be reached through this contact form or through Foxes Music.

For Individuals with Special Needs:

If you are an individual with Special Needs, or have a family member with Special Needs, please contact the professionals listed below. Both I and the staff at Foxes’ Music have referred potential students to these professionals:

Neurosound Music Therapy, LLC Falls Church – Specialty Outpatient Clinics
tel: 774-454-7834
Music Therapists with offices in Falls Church and Ashburn, VA.

LCF Kids– Gyms located in Falls Church and Ashburn, VA for kids with Special Needs, focusing on developing motor skills and sensory processing.